50+ Essential Statistics for 2024


Thanks to comprehensive resources like Ahrefs, we can dive deep into the latest trends and statistics that shape the way we approach SEO and online visibility. Here’s a roundup of 56 pivotal Google search statistics that every marketer should keep in their arsenal for 2024.

  1. Google’s Web Index: Contains about 400 billion documents (The Capitol Forum).
  2. Size of Google’s Index: Over 100 million gigabytes (Google).
  3. Daily Google Searches: An estimated 3.5 billion (Internet Live Stats).
  4. Zero-click Searches (Desktop): 61.5% result in no clicks (SparkToro).
  5. Zero-click Searches (Mobile): 34.4% result in no clicks (SparkToro).
  6. Unprecedented Queries: 15% of searches have never been searched before (Google).
  7. Low Traffic Keywords: 94.74% receive fewer than 10 searches per month (Ahrefs).
  8. Top Searched Keyword: “YouTube,” also the most visited website from Google (Ahrefs).
  9. Pages with No Traffic: 96.55% of pages get zero search traffic from Google (Ahrefs).
  10. Featured Snippets: 50-65% of number-one spots on Google are taken by featured snippets (Authority Hacker).
  11. Product Review Searches: Reddit is most popular for product reviews (Detailed).
  12. Google’s Market Share (Mobile): 95.32% (Statista).
  13. Google’s Market Share (Desktop): 81.95% (Statista).
  14. US Web Traffic Referrals: 63.41% come from Google (SparkToro).
  15. Monthly Visits to Google.com: 84.2 billion in 2023 (Statista).
  16. Google’s 2023 Revenue: $307.4 billion (Alphabet Investor Relations).
  17. Global Traffic: 92.96% comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps (SparkToro).
  18. Gen Z Women Search Preferences: 49% use Google, others use TikTok (Search Engine Land).
  19. Mobile Website Traffic: 58.67% globally comes from mobile phones (Statista).
  20. Local Mobile Searches: 57% are on mobile devices (ReviewTrackers).
  21. Business Discovery on Smartphones: 51% of users have discovered new businesses (Think With Google).
  22. Search for Business Hours: 54% of smartphone users (Think With Google).
  23. Local Store Directions: 53% search for directions (Think With Google).
  24. Local Mobile Conversion: 18% of local mobile searches lead to a purchase within a day (Think With Google).
  25. In-store Smartphone Usage: 56% of shoppers used smartphones to research while shopping (Think With Google).
  26. Direct Business Contact: 60% contact businesses directly from search results (Think With Google).
  27. Google Reviews: 63.6% check reviews before visiting a business (ReviewTrackers).
  28. Business Reputation: 88% prefer businesses that reply to all reviews (BrightLocal).
  29. Business Profile Influence: 70% more likely to visit businesses with a complete profile (Google).
  30. Same-day Business Visits: 76% of nearby searchers visit a business within a day (Think With Google).
  31. Purchase Following Local Searches: 28% result in a purchase (Think With Google).
  32. Searches for Open Stores: Increased by over 250% in the last two years (Think With Google).
  33. Google Lens Usage: 12 billion visual searches per month (Google).
  34. Shopping Decisions: 50% influenced by images (Think With Google).
  35. Indexed Images: 136 billion on Google Image Search (Photutorial).
  36. Images in SERPs: 15.8% show images (Moz).
  37. 3D Image Clicks: Nearly 50% more than static images (Google).
  38. Google Discover Users: Over 800 million monthly (Google).
  39. Content Types in Google Discover: News sites, e-commerce, entertainment, travel (Search Engine Journal).
  40. Clicks on News in Discover: 99% go to news sites (Search Engine Journal).
  41. Discover URL Traffic Duration: Most only receive traffic for 3-4 days (Search Engine Journal).
  42. Discover CTR: 11% (Search Engine Journal).
  43. Overestimation in Google Ads: 91.45% of search volumes are overestimated (Ahrefs).
  44. ROI on Google Ads: $8 profit for every $1 spent (Google).
  45. Ad Policy Actions: Removed 5.5 billion ads in 2023 (Google).
  46. Shopping Ads CTR: Average is 0.86% across industries (Wordstream).
  47. Shopping Ads CPC: Average cost per click is $0.66 (Wordstream).
  48. Shopping Ads CVR: Average conversion rate is 1.91% (Wordstream).
  49. Voice Search Usage: 58% daily among consumers aged 25-34 (UpCity).
  50. Local Voice Searches: 16% use voice for local “near me” searches (UpCity).
  51. Voice Search Popularity: 67% very likely to use (UpCity).
  52. Google Assistant Growth: Active users grew 4x over the past year (Think With Google).
  53. Google Assistant Installs: Reached 1 billion app installs (Android Police).
  54. SGE Entertainment Queries: AI-generated answers available for 91% (Statista).
  55. SGE Non-matching Answers: 93.8% of AI answers don’t match top 10 results (Search Engine Journal).
  56. SGE Element Visibility: Appears in 86.8% of search queries (Authoritas).

These statistics, gathered and analyzed by Si Quan Ong of Ahrefs, provide a comprehensive overview of the current state and evolving dynamics of Google search. They underscore the ongoing dominance of Google in the digital landscape, while also highlighting the significant shifts toward AI integration, mobile optimization, and the changing patterns of user interaction with search technologies.

As we move further into 2024, these insights not only serve as benchmarks but also as guides for adapting strategies in SEO, content marketing, and digital advertising to align with the realities of Google’s ever-evolving search ecosystem. Whether it’s the increasing importance of visual and voice search or the impact of AI on search queries, staying informed with these statistics will be crucial for all digital marketing professionals aiming to leverage Google’s platform effectively.

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