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I’m Aleksandra Stefanovic, your personal navigator in the dynamic world of Digital Marketing. I am committed to exploring the depths of this field, conducting various tests and experiments, and sharing my insights and findings with you. I will venture into the complexities of digital marketing so that you won’t have to. Think of this space as your express route to understanding the nuances of Digital Marketing, sans the information overload. I welcome you to join me on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and success. Let’s start this adventure and together, we will make the digital world a little less intimidating, one post at a time.

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TikTok Shop Arrives in the U.S

The wait is finally over for the U.S. market as TikTok launches its e-commerce platform, the "TikTok Shop". This strategic move showcases the social media giant's dedication to intertwining social media and online shopping, a blend that has…
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Marketing Tips for Local Businesses: The Case of a Successful Jewelry Brand on TikTok

Marketing a local business can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. One local jewelry brand, referred to here as "Evry Jewels," demonstrates just how effective a blend of in-person and social media marketing can be. The Strategy of…

Presentations in Just 10 Seconds with ChatGPT

Have you ever been stuck staring at a blank PowerPoint slide, not knowing where to begin? Or perhaps you've spent hours adjusting the layout, transitions, and animations, only to realize you're running out of time to focus on the content itself?…

“Mentioned In” Feature in Search Results

Introduction Just when you think you've got the hang of how Google Search works, the tech giant rolls out something new and innovative. This time it's a feature called "mentioned in," which provides a carousel of snippets from other websites…

SGE while browsing

Google has unveiled new features for its Search Generative Experience (SGE), including the ability to use SGE while browsing, definition overlays in SGE responses, and coding improvements with color-coded syntax highlighting in SGE answers.…

Implementing “Free Consultation” to Boost Leads

Let me paint a picture: It's a bright Monday morning, and you’re scrolling through a website. You’re keenly interested in the service, but hesitant to fill in another form for fear of yet another subscription. Sound familiar? In today's…

The Power of Emotions in Advertising

In today's bustling market, where countless products vie for a spot in consumers' lives, the real game-changer is not the product itself, but the emotion it evokes. Iconic brands have long recognized this, and their advertising campaigns are…

Bing’s Latest Features

1. Expanded Features for Bing Chat Users can now select text within Bing search results to initiate another search. Additionally, this capability has been extended, allowing users to conduct searches directly on Bing Chat, bypassing the…
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Google Ads – Scan To Call QR Feature

Over the past few years, QR codes have transitioned from being just a technological curiosity to an essential tool for businesses. From restaurants to retail shops, these scannable codes have become a shortcut to a plethora of information. Google,…

Can old content hurt my website’s ranking?

We've all heard the saying, "Out with the old, in with the new," right? But when it comes to website content, this adage may not always apply. Danny Sullivan, a prominent figure in the SEO community and Google's Search Liaison, recently…

Google’s Updated Stance on HowTo and FAQ Rich Results

In an attempt to streamline and enhance user experience, Google has made critical updates on how some rich results will be displayed in search results. Announced on August 8, 2023, these changes focus on the visibility of FAQ and HowTo rich…
help me visualize

“Help Me Visualize” – The Google Slides Revolution

Google has taken a leap forward, aiming to change the way we interact with presentations. With the rollout of the "Help Me Visualize" feature in Google Slides, content creation just got a lot more creative and, dare we say, fun! A Closer…

GPTBot and Robots.txt

GPTBot - OpenAI's ChatGPT's web crawler, you can now block it with your robots.txt file - if you want To disallow GPTBot to access your site you can add the GPTBot to your robots.txt: User-Agent: GPTBot Disallow: / Twitte…

Grammar Checker on SERP

Google's new Grammar Checker is an addition to its SERP that examines whether a sentence or phrase is grammatically correct. If not, it suggests how to correct it. This feature is primarily targeted at English language users, making it a valuable…
SGE shopping

The AI Shopping Assistant: A Trial with Google’s SGE

Imagine finding your perfect outfit within minutes, without the hassle of scrolling through endless pages of clothing items. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, the future of online shopping might be closer than we think, thanks to Google's Search…

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