Aleksandra Stefanovic

Digital Marketing Specialist

I’m Aleksandra Stefanovic, a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist with more than half a decade of rich experience diving deep into the dynamic world of online marketing. My journey began after graduating in E-Business, where I cultivated a keen interest in online businesses and honed my skills in various programming languages. It was a gateway to understanding the intricate dance between technology and marketing.

From the very start, I’ve been passionate about both the art and science of digital marketing. My foundation in SEO quickly branched out into PPC, website development, redesigns, and so much more. Each experience enriched my understanding, helping me craft tailor-made solutions for my clients.

But it doesn’t end with formal education. I’ve been on a continual learning spree, securing certifications from renowned institutions like the CXL Institute, MAG School, Semrush, and completing Google’s entire suite of digital marketing courses. Each course, and each certification, has been a brick in the growing mansion of my digital marketing knowledge.

What truly drives me is my innate curiosity to understand my clients deeply. To me, every client is a unique puzzle, waiting to be understood and solved. It’s not just about increasing numbers; it’s about creating value, understanding brand nuances, and delivering strategies that resonate.

Here’s what you can dive into on my website:

My Research: Over the years, I’ve delved deep into various facets of digital marketing. I share the findings of my meticulous research here, offering insights into current trends and making predictions about where we’re headed next.

Industry News: I always have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the digital marketing landscape. From the latest algorithm changes to emerging tools and strategies, I provide a curated rundown for those keen to stay updated.

My Experiments & Outcomes: I firmly believe that true understanding comes from practical application. Hence, I document the various tests I conduct, detailing the methodologies, outcomes, and what they mean for marketers.

My Thoughts: Drawing from my extensive experience, I often pen down my perspective on diverse topics in the industry. These pieces offer a deep dive into my thoughts, beliefs, and forecasts.

Italy Conference – We Make Future

Held in the scenic city of Rimini, the “We Make Future” conference was a captivating event I had the privilege to attend. It predominantly focused on the revolutionary strides in AI and the broader horizon of digital marketing. An enlightening experience, to say the least.


TMRW CONF stands as Europe’s grandest emerging tech gathering. It brings together a staggering 40,000+ attendees both in-person and virtually, with 100+ influential speakers leading discussions. The core subjects? Cutting-edge trends in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, BLOCKCHAIN, METAVERSE, and GAMING. An immersive dive into the future of technology.

Conversion Conference

“Konverzija” is a two-day advanced digital marketing conference held every April in Banja Luka. This event offers deep insights into the dynamic world of digital marketing and the ever-evolving strategies that shape it.

Play Media Conference

Every year-end, Play Media hosts a conference to reflect on the past year’s achievements and introduce the KPIs for the forthcoming year. A collaborative gathering, it offers a chance to align goals and celebrate milestones.

Other Activities

Digital Marketing Classes: On a more personal note, I also conduct private classes on digital marketing, mentoring the next generation of digital marketers and sharing insights from my experiences.

My Meetups: I regularly host meetups, offering a platform to share my views on various trending topics in digital marketing. These sessions have always been an enriching exchange of ideas and perspectives.