Barry Schwartz’s Latest Update on Google Search Ranking Algorithm


In his latest video, Barry Schwartz, a well-known authority in the SEO industry, discusses key updates about Google’s search ranking algorithm, Twitter’s visibility in Google search, enhancements to Bing chat, AI advancements, and much more.

Why You Should Watch

  • Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update & Volatility: Google’s search ranking algorithm is experiencing significant volatility. Various SEO tools are recording high fluctuations, suggesting a substantial update in the past two months. If your site’s ranking is volatile, you’re not alone.
  • Twitter’s Visibility in Google Search: Twitter URLs in Google search have reduced by 50% since Twitter started blocking unregistered users from viewing content. However, Twitter revised its policy, and its content is gradually returning to Google search.
  • Bing Chat Improves Efficiency: Bing chat has enhanced its efficiency and reduced latency issues by approximately 25%.
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT & Bing: ChatGPT shut down the ‘browse with Bing’ feature due to complaints of accessing paywalled content. A reinstatement of this feature is anticipated.
  • Bing Chat’s ‘No-Search’ Feature: Bing chat is adding a ‘no-search’ feature, beneficial when users need information without searching the web, such as mathematical queries.
  • Google & Robots.txt Protocols for AI: Google is inviting the web and AI communities to discuss new machine-readable protocols for AI research use cases, supplementing the 30-year-old Robots.txt protocol.
  • Google’s New Search Generative Experience: Google is starting to display local store inventory in the AI-generated search results.
  • Google Testing Author Names in Top Stories: Google is testing a feature that shows author names directly in the ‘Top Stories’ carousel.
  • Google’s John Mueller on Ranking & Relevance: John states that no ranking factor can compensate for missing relevance, emphasizing the importance of aligning content with user intent.
  • URL Structure: Google doesn’t mind whether you use ‘blog’ in your URLs or not, debunking some SEO myths.
  • Google Business Profile Edits: Any changes to your Local Service Ads will also be updated in your Google Business Profile within 24 hours.
  • Google Merchant Center & Automated Discounts: The automated discounts feature is rolling out of beta, allowing businesses to set up systems for displaying discounts on their items in Google search.
  • Google Ads Editor & Legal Requirements: Google Ads Editor’s version 2.4 introduces multiple account overviews and Google Drive integration. However, Google plans to remove examples from its legal requirements policies, making it harder to interpret these policies.
  • Google Analytics UA 3 Update: Google Analytics ua3 is still collecting data, but Google warns that this will not last long.

Overall, this video is a must-watch if you want to stay updated with the most recent happenings in the world of SEO, social media, AI, and search engines. Barry’s insights can help you better understand these changes and how they might impact your digital presence.

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