Bing’s Latest Features


1. Expanded Features for Bing Chat

Users can now select text within Bing search results to initiate another search. Additionally, this capability has been extended, allowing users to conduct searches directly on Bing Chat, bypassing the conventional Bing Search.

2. Bing AI Chat on Third-Party Browsers

Microsoft has revealed its intentions to introduce Bing Chat for third-party browsers on both web and mobile platforms. As per the announcement made on Monday, users of browsers like Safari and Chrome will soon have access to Bing AI Chat. This initiative isn’t entirely new; in late July, Microsoft had been testing Bing Chat on these third-party browsers for a limited set of users.

3. Bing and Edge’s Monumental User Engagement

Post their reinvention six months ago, Bing and Edge have witnessed remarkable user engagement. Microsoft has reported that there have been over one billion interactions on Bing AI Chat and 750 million images have been generated.

4. Introduction of Dark Mode for Bing Chat

Users can now experience Bing Chat in Dark Mode. This feature has been made available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

5. Bing Chat’s Multimodal Visual Search

Bing Chat now boasts a multimodal visual search function. This feature, which is built on OpenAI models, grants users the ability to search on Bing using images.

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