ChatGPT Hack: Transform Video Reading into Blog Headings and Midjourney Images


Have you ever been caught up in the daunting task of creating a blog post from a video? Ever wished there was a hack to simplify this process and give you a head-start on the content creation journey? Today, your wishes are answered. I’ll share with you a unique and efficient method to transform a YouTube video into a high-quality, SEO-optimized blog post with suggestions for headings and a MidJourney image. We will be using ChatGPT-4 with VoxScripts and Photorealistic plugins.

ChatGPT-4 is an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It can understand, generate, and even converse in human language. Imagine a tool that can “watch” a video, understand the content, and then suggest suitable headings for a blog post. Sounds amazing, right? That’s precisely what ChatGPT-4 can do when combined with the right plugins.

Introduction to VoxScripts and Photorealistic plugins

Now, let’s get to know our handy tools. VoxScripts is a plugin that can extract and convert the spoken content from a video into written text. This text then serves as the foundation for our blog post.

Then, we have the Photorealistic plugin. This powerful tool generates hyper-realistic images based on your description – a perfect solution for generating your MidJourney image.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Install VoxScripts and Photorealistic plugins: These plugins can be found in the OpenAI marketplace. After installing them, ensure they are activated on your ChatGPT interface.
  2. Access the Plugins Option in ChatGPT: If you cannot see this option, check your ChatGPT settings and ensure it is enabled.
  3. Select the Installed Plugins: Choose both VoxScripts and Photorealistic from your list of available plugins.
  4. Send the Following Command to ChatGPT: “I want you to analyze the video on the link: [Video Link]. Using the content of the video I want you to generate headings for a blog post that I can use. Also, I want you to use the Photorealistic app to create a MidJourney prompt for a post image.”

Just replace [Video Link] with your video’s URL, and voila!

Results: Example Blog Headings and MidJourney Image Prompts

Following these steps, ChatGPT will now analyze the video and generate potential blog headings and MidJourney image prompts. For the video “Why is my site not indexed?”, here are some examples of what you could get:

Blog Headings:

  • “Understanding Google Indexing: Why Isn’t My Site Indexed?”
  • “Technical and Quality Factors Affecting Website Indexing”
  • “Using Google Search Console to Identify Indexing Issues”
  • “The Difference Between Ranking and Indexing in Google Search”
  • “How to Ensure Your Website is Indexed by Google”
  • “Troubleshooting Indexing Issues with Google Search Console”
  • “The Role of Crawling, Indexing, and Serving in Google Search”
  • “Why Your Website Might Not Be Ranking Well on Google”
  • “Decoding the Mystery of Google Indexation”
  • “Google Search Relations Team’s Insights on Website Indexing”

MidJourney Image Prompts:

  • A detailed, hyper-realistic image of a computer screen displaying the Google Search Console interface.
  • A hyper-realistic, high-resolution image of a group of professionals, representing the Google Search Relations team, engaged in a deep discussion.

The full specifications for these image prompts can be found in the PDF linked in this post.

I hope this simple hack proves helpful in generating quality content for your blog. If you found this useful, do leave a review or comment. It would mean the world to me!

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