Discovering Google SGE’s Innovative ‘Stores’ Feature


As an AI aficionado, I couldn’t help but take an in-depth look at the latest offering from Google’s AI stable – the new Google Search Generative Experience (SGE). Rolled out just a month ago, this advanced AI-powered feature has already started making waves in the world of online search.

One fascinating functionality that stands out is its ability to display nearby stores that have your searched products in stock. Upon running a few tests, I realized that the SGE now lists ‘Stores’ at the end of the generative AI answer, a feature that wasn’t highlighted previously.

What is notable about this feature is that after searching for a product, the AI-powered response presents you with a list of stores that have the item in stock. Moreover, there’s an option to ‘show more’ and expand the list of ‘Stores’. Each entry in the list is clickable, and when you tap on it, you’re directly taken to the inventory page on that store’s website. This makes the whole process of finding and purchasing a product incredibly convenient and time-saving.

It’s true that this information is also available in the non-AI answers below the AI-generated response, which may seem a bit duplicative at first glance. However, the advantage of the AI-based response is its speed, accuracy, and the relevance of the stores it identifies. It significantly enhances the user’s search experience.

Though this ‘Stores’ feature may not be entirely new, the integration of it into the Google SGE is a clear demonstration of Google’s commitment to supporting local businesses. By directing traffic to local store websites, Google is helping these businesses increase their online visibility and customer base. It’s a move that, while benefiting consumers with efficient search results, also supports local economies.

This new feature is yet another example of how Google’s AI is continuously evolving and improving. As users, we’re certainly eager to see what other innovative functionalities the Google SGE will introduce in the future. As a digital enthusiast, I’ll keep you updated on any new developments, so stay tuned!


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