How to Buy TikTok Coins at a Discount


TikTok, the global sensation, has a unique feature that allows users to buy coins and send gifts to their favorite creators. But did you know there are ways to get these coins at a cheaper rate? Let’s delve into the details.

Why Buy TikTok Coins on a Computer?

When you purchase TikTok coins via the official app, you’re subject to commission fees from third-party payment channels. Platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store take a hefty 30% commission fee from in-app purchases. This results in higher coin prices within the app. However, when you buy TikTok coins via a computer, these commission fees are bypassed, allowing you to save up to 31% on your purchase.

Tutorial: Buying TikTok Coins on a Computer

  1. Login to the TikTok Online Store: Access the TikTok online store and log in using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to ‘Get Coins’: Click on your account and select the ‘Get Coins’ option.
  3. Choose Your Coin Plan: Various coin plans will be displayed. Select your desired package and click the ‘Recharge’ button.
  4. Select Payment Method: Choose your preferred payment method and complete the purchase.

Getting the Best Deal: Using a VPN

One of the secrets to getting TikTok coins at a more affordable rate is by changing your IP address. For instance, TikTok coins are notably cheaper in Brazil. To access this rate, you’d need to use a VPN service that offers multiple country servers. One such service is iTop VPN.

Benefits of iTop VPN:

  • Versatility: iTop VPN is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS.
  • Multiple Servers: With servers in over 100 countries, you have a plethora of options for purchasing TikTok coins.
  • Safety: iTop VPN ensures a secure and encrypted connection, safeguarding your online transactions.

Steps to Use iTop VPN for Cheaper TikTok Coins:

  1. Download and Open iTop VPN: Install the iTop VPN app on your device.
  2. Connect to a Brazilian Server: From the list of servers, select and connect to a Brazilian server.
  3. Access TikTok: Open TikTok and navigate to the coin purchase section.
  4. Make Your Purchase: Choose the desired number of coins and complete the payment.
  5. Disconnect the VPN: Once your transaction is complete, disconnect from the VPN.

Why Purchase TikTok Coins?

  • Support Creators: By sending gifts, you financially support and appreciate the content creators produce.
  • Increase Visibility: Gifting creators can highlight your username, increasing your profile’s visibility.
  • Potential Followers: Some creators might reciprocate your generosity by following or promoting your account.
  • Special Features: Certain gifts might unlock exclusive content or features.
  • Monetization: In specific regions, users can convert TikTok diamonds into cash.


  • What are TikTok coins used for?
    TikTok coins allow users to send gifts during TikTok LIVE sessions or in comments, supporting creators financially.
  • How much is 1,000 TikTok coins?
    As of now, 1,000 TikTok coins are priced at $12.98.
  • How can I spend TikTok coins?
    Coins can be used to send gifts during TikTok LIVE, in comment sections, or for TikTok promotions.
  • How many TikTok coins can I get for $1?
    Currently, $1 can get you approximately 70 TikTok coins.

In conclusion, while TikTok coins offer a unique way to engage with and support creators, it’s essential to know the tricks to get the best deals. Whether you’re buying coins via a computer or using a VPN, make sure to get the most out of your money.

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