How to Change Your Twitter Handle: Tips, Recommendations, and Best Practices

how to change twitter handle

Twitter (X), the microblogging giant, has become an essential platform for personal branding, business promotion, and social interactions. Your Twitter handle, or username, is a significant part of your online identity. But what if you feel the need to change it? Whether you’re rebranding, just starting out, or simply craving a refresh, this guide will walk you through how to change your Twitter handle and offer tips on selecting the perfect one.

Step-by-Step Guide on Changing Your Twitter Handle:

  1. Login to Twitter: Access your account by entering your current username and password.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Click on the ‘More’ option on the left sidebar, then select ‘Settings and privacy’.
  3. Edit Username: Under the ‘Account’ section, click on ‘Username’. Here, you can see your current handle and an option to change it. Enter your desired username. If it’s available, you’ll see a green checkmark.
  4. Save Changes: Once you’ve entered your new handle and ensured it’s available, click on the ‘Save’ button.

Tips and Recommendations for Choosing the Perfect Twitter Handle:

  1. Keep It Short and Sweet: Remember, Twitter has a character limit for tweets, so a shorter handle ensures more space for others to engage with you without compromising their message length.
  2. Stay Consistent Across Platforms: If you’re building a brand, try to keep your handle consistent across all social media platforms. It makes it easier for people to find you.
  3. Avoid Numbers and Special Characters: Unless they’re essential to your brand, numbers and special characters can often be misinterpreted or mistyped.
  4. Reflect Your Brand or Personality: Your handle should give an insight into who you are or what your brand represents. If you’re a baker, incorporating words related to baking can be a good idea.
  5. Avoid Using ‘Real’ as a Prefix: While many people use ‘Real’ before their name to signify authenticity, it’s become quite common. Try to find a unique way to represent your genuine self or brand.
  6. Stay Away from Trendy Terms: While it might be tempting to use a trending term in your handle, trends fade, and you might find your handle outdated in a few years.
  7. Check for Unintended Meanings: Before finalizing your handle, ensure it doesn’t have any unintended or inappropriate meanings when read differently.

Things to Remember After Changing Your Twitter Handle:

  • Update Your Handle Everywhere: If you’ve used your Twitter handle on business cards, websites, or other social media bios, remember to update them.
  • Inform Your Followers: It’s a good idea to let your followers know about the change so they can tag or find you easily.
  • Old Mentions Won’t Redirect: If someone had mentioned your old handle in a tweet, it won’t redirect to your new handle. However, all your previous tweets, followers, and settings will remain intact.


Changing your Twitter handle can be a strategic move for personal branding or business promotion. By following the above tips and recommendations, you can ensure that your new handle not only represents you effectively but also enhances your presence on the platform. Remember, in the vast Twitterverse, your handle is more than just a name; it’s your identity. Choose wisely!

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