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instagram highlight viewer

A Deep Dive into Viewing and Engaging with Stories Highlights

Instagram, the photo-sharing giant, has evolved over the years, introducing features that enhance user engagement and content sharing. One such feature is the Instagram Stories Highlights, which allows users to curate and showcase their favorite stories on their profile. But how do you view these highlights? Enter the world of the Instagram Highlight Viewer. In this blog, we’ll explore how to use this tool and why it’s essential for avid Instagram users.

What is an Instagram Highlight Viewer?

An Instagram Highlight Viewer is a tool or feature that allows users to view and engage with the Stories Highlights of any public Instagram account. Whether you’re a brand looking to analyze competitors or just an Instagram enthusiast wanting to view highlights from your favorite influencer, this tool can be incredibly beneficial.

How to Use the Instagram Highlight Viewer:

  1. Visit the Profile: Navigate to the Instagram profile whose highlights you wish to view.
  2. Locate the Highlights Section: Just below the bio and above the photo grid, you’ll find circular icons representing different highlights.
  3. Click and View: Click on any highlight to start viewing. You can tap on the right or left side of the screen to navigate through the stories in the highlight.

Benefits of Using an Instagram Highlight Viewer:

  • Engage with Evergreen Content: Unlike regular stories that vanish after 24 hours, highlights can be viewed anytime, allowing users to engage with content that brands or individuals deem evergreen.
  • Understand a Profile at a Glance: Highlights often encapsulate the essence of a profile. Whether it’s a brand’s new collection or an influencer’s favorite moments, highlights give viewers a quick snapshot of what the profile represents.
  • Research and Analysis: For brands and influencers, viewing competitors’ highlights can provide insights into content strategies and audience engagement tactics.

Privacy and the Instagram Highlight Viewer:

It’s essential to note that the Instagram Highlight Viewer can only access highlights from public profiles. If a user has set their account to private, their highlights will also remain private and inaccessible unless you follow them and they approve your request.

Tips for Creating Engaging Highlights:

  • Categorize Thoughtfully: Ensure each highlight focuses on a specific theme or topic. For instance, a travel blogger might have separate highlights for different destinations.
  • Use Engaging Cover Icons: Customize your highlight cover to make it visually appealing and aligned with the content inside.
  • Update Regularly: While highlights are meant for evergreen content, it’s a good idea to update them occasionally to keep your profile fresh and engaging.


The Instagram Highlight Viewer is more than just a tool to view stories; it’s a gateway to dive deeper into the world of any public Instagram profile. Whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or just an everyday user, understanding and engaging with highlights can elevate your Instagram experience. So, the next time you’re on Instagram, don’t just scroll past those circular icons; click on them and delve into the curated world of highlights.

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