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Just when you think you’ve got the hang of how Google Search works, the tech giant rolls out something new and innovative. This time it’s a feature called “mentioned in,” which provides a carousel of snippets from other websites where the current site in the search result is mentioned. This new layer to the search results was recently spotted by Brodie Clark who took to Platform X to share a GIF showcasing the feature in action.

What is “Mentioned In”?

When you perform a Google search, the new “mentioned in” feature appears as an expandable section under the main search result snippet. Upon clicking, it unveils a carousel of snippets from other websites that mention the original website you searched for. What’s more, these “mentioned in” links use the scroll-to-text feature, taking you directly to the part of the content where the website is cited or discussed.

Timing is Everything

Clark pointed out that the timing of this new feature is quite interesting. Google recently announced the removal of FAQ rich results, thereby reducing the information density on search result pages. With the “mentioned in” feature, however, it seems like Google is attempting to make search results more dynamic and informational, albeit in a different way.

Implications for SEO

Backlink Quality

The “mentioned in” feature could possibly change the dynamics of backlink quality and importance. Websites mentioned often on reputable sites could see a boost in organic traffic, even if the mention doesn’t come with a hyperlink.

Authority & Trust

Sites that are frequently “mentioned in” other authoritative websites may gain a reputational boost, affecting their domain authority in the long run.

User Engagement

Since the feature provides additional reading options, user engagement could potentially increase. Users might spend more time reading about a website before actually clicking through, enhancing the user experience and offering more context.

For Content Marketers

Tracking Mentions

Content marketers should now also focus on not just backlinks but mentions as well. Tools that track brand mentions across the web could become even more valuable.

Content Strategy

The new feature adds another layer to content strategy. Businesses may need to focus on generating not only high-quality content but also content that gets mentioned across a variety of platforms and authoritative sites.

Final Thoughts

It remains to be seen if the “mentioned in” feature will be rolled out universally and what impact it will have on search results and website traffic. Nevertheless, the feature adds an extra layer of depth to Google Search, making it even more dynamic and rich in content. Whether you are an SEO specialist or a content marketer, it’s time to adapt and prepare for what could be another game-changer in the ever-evolving world of Google Search.

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