Google’s SGE: August Updates and New Additions

Google's SGE August Updates and New Additions

Addition of Videos in AI-Generated Answer Section

In a revolutionary move, Google is taking the Search Generative Experience a step further by adding videos to its AI-generated answer section. With this, Google can now present a playable video directly within the answer when it considers the video helpful in responding to a query.

Google sources these videos from across the internet, including its own video-sharing platform, YouTube. These are not AI-generated videos; instead, they’re everyday videos that Google identifies as potentially useful for answering user queries.

This new development could have substantial implications for content creators and marketers. As Google begins to prioritize video content in its AI-generated answers, creators and marketers who regularly produce high-quality, relevant videos may see increased visibility and engagement on their content.

Google Adds Featured Image from Your Blog Post with Links

Another intriguing update is the addition of featured images from blog posts. Google is pulling these images directly from your blog, complete with links, which could significantly enhance the visibility of your content.

Publish Dates for Listed Articles

Google has introduced another exciting feature to enhance its Search Generative Experience – the inclusion of publish dates for listed articles. As stated by Google, “To help you better understand how recent the information is from these web pages, we recently added publish dates to links.”

The addition of publish dates offers several benefits. It provides users with an immediate understanding of the recency of the information, enabling them to evaluate the relevance of the content in the context of their search. This can be particularly useful for topics that are rapidly evolving or highly time-sensitive.

The inclusion of publish dates may influence how users interact with content. When faced with several sources, users may lean towards more recent content, especially when researching current events or emerging trends. For content creators and marketers, this highlights the importance of producing up-to-date and timely content.

Sourcing Links Added to AI Answers

As of August 1, Google has started providing source links in AI-generated answers, represented by a clickable chevron at the end of each paragraph. When clicked, it shows a dropdown with links to webpages from which SGE sourced its summary. This addition enhances transparency and attribution, which is critical to content creators and publishers.

‘From Brands & Stores’ Listed Source Links

Google’s SGE has also introduced a ‘From brands & stores’ listed source link, likely pulling results from Merchant Center and Google Business Profile (GBP). This addition underscores the importance of optimizing these platforms for increased visibility for your store.

Google Ads Placement: Above AI-Generated Results

According to a tweet by Jeannie Hill, Google Ads have been observed to appear above the AI-generated answer in the SGE user interface. The placement of these ads could potentially influence visibility and click-through rates.

As Google deepens the integration of AI in search, the user experience becomes more interactive and comprehensive. Content creators, marketers, and users alike eagerly anticipate the influence of these updates on the future of online search.

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