The Power of High DR and Review Blogs in Google’s SGE Answers

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Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) has introduced a novel element that warrants our attention: the inclusion of product lists in its AI-generated answers. This change is especially impactful for websites with high Domain Rating (DR) and review-oriented content.

SGE Answers for Product Inputs

When you input a product-related query in Google’s SGE, the AI-generated answer often includes a list of products. Interestingly, most of these products are associated with a paragraph link that directs users to reviews on various websites.

Domain Rating Matters

Upon close inspection, most of these linked websites boast a DR of more than 50. This trend underlines the crucial role that a high DR plays in securing a place within Google’s SGE answers. Websites with high DRs are generally deemed more trustworthy and authoritative, which Google’s algorithms favor.

The Rarity of Lower DR Sites

While high DR websites predominate, occasionally, a site with a DR of less than 50 may also appear in SGE’s product lists. In such cases, these sites typically feature extensive review articles, reaffirming the importance of thorough, quality content in gaining recognition from Google’s SGE.

The Importance of Review Blogs

Review blogs are a significant asset in this equation. Their detailed product evaluations provide users with valuable information, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. As such, Google’s SGE often favors these review blogs in its AI-generated answers.

A Reminder to Focus on DR and Reviews

These observations serve as a potent reminder of the need to focus on boosting our DR and creating robust review blogs. By improving these aspects, we can enhance our chances of securing a spot in Google’s SGE product lists, thereby increasing visibility and traffic to our site.


Google’s SGE continues to revolutionize our approach to SEO. By understanding the significance of high DR and review blogs in the platform’s AI-generated answers, we can tailor our strategies accordingly.

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