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Google has unveiled new features for its Search Generative Experience (SGE), including the ability to use SGE while browsing, definition overlays in SGE responses, and coding improvements with color-coded syntax highlighting in SGE answers.

With the SGE while browsing feature, users can ask Google SGE to generate key points from the web pages they are browsing, providing a summarized version of the content. This works on select web pages and is not available for paywalled content.

Source: SEL

There is currently no opt-out option for webmasters unless the page is blocked from being indexed by Google. Key points are generated based on the latest indexed version of the page, not in real-time.

Additionally, Google is displaying definitions for select words in SGE AI-generated answers, using similar technology to featured snippets. Users can hover over words to preview definitions and see related diagrams or images.

Source: SEL

SGE is also improving code displays in its answers with color syntax highlighting, making it easier to identify elements like keywords, comments, and strings. The rapid evolution of AI in search is changing the way users interact with and understand web content.

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