Shopify’s Innovative Tool Highlights the Cost of Unnecessary Meetings


In a bid to curb unnecessary gatherings in the workplace, Shopify, the Canadian multinational e-commerce firm, has unveiled a new tool that calculates the cost of meetings based on employee pay data. This innovative tool is designed to make employees aware of the financial implications of their time spent in meetings.

According to internal data shared with various news outlets, a typical 30-minute meeting with three employees could cost the company between $700 and $1,600. This stark revelation underscores the financial impact of unnecessary meetings on a company’s bottom line.

The tool, built as a Google Chrome extension, assigns a cost to scheduled meetings, providing a clear picture of the monetary value of employees’ time. This initiative is expected to encourage more efficient use of time and resources within the company, promoting productivity and reducing wastage.

The introduction of this tool is a bold move by Shopify, highlighting the company’s commitment to efficiency and productivity. It serves as a reminder that “time is money,” and unnecessary meetings can have a significant impact on a company’s financial health.

This development has sparked conversations about the culture of meetings in the corporate world, prompting other companies to consider the cost and value of their own meeting practices. It remains to be seen whether other companies will follow Shopify’s lead and implement similar tools to optimize their operations.

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