Spotlight on Aleyda Solís: Curating Insights from the Google Search API Leak


In response to the monumental leak of Google’s Search API documents, Aleyda Solís, a renowned International SEO Consultant and Founder at Orainti, has stepped forward with a valuable resource for the SEO community. Recognizing the overwhelming flood of analyses, tools, and resources springing up from the leak, Aleyda has expertly curated a comprehensive Google Sheet that aggregates the most insightful and practical information related to the leak.

This initiative by Aleyda not only simplifies access to a broad array of analyses but also helps SEO professionals and digital marketers make sense of the extensive data without getting lost in the noise. Her aggregation includes detailed descriptions and categorizations of each resource, ranging from in-depth analyses by leading SEO experts like Mike King and Rand Fishkin to innovative tools and websites designed to explore the nuances of the leaked documents.

This is an aggregation of the most useful and insightful resources recently published from the leaked Google’s Search API doc originally shared by Erfan Azimi (find him in LinkedIn) and assessed and published by Rand Fishkin here and Mike King here. As Google said in their answer to this leak: Please, be cautious about “making inaccurate assumptions about Search based on out-of-context, outdated, or incomplete information” that you’ll find in it, as we don’t actually know how what’s included is used.
Resource NameGoogle Search API Doc Resource or Analysis DescriptionTypeAuthor
How SEO moves forward with the Google Content Warehouse API leakMike Addressies common questions, critiques and concerns following the massive Google Search leak and how your approach to SEO should change.AnalysisMike King
The Google API Leak Should Change How Marketers and Publishers Do SEORand goes through the biggest discoveries from the Google Doc leak since its publication and how he’s changing his marketing strategies after the findings.AnalysisRand Fishkin
Unpacking Google’s massive search documentation leakThis breakdown from Andrew goes through potential Google Search ranking factors, including details on PageRank variations, site authority metrics and more.AnalysisAndrew Ansley
What Does the Google Documentation Leak Mean for Digital PR?An analysis of the backlinks related findings and their implications for link builders and digital PR specialists.AnalysisLiv Day and James Brockbank
4 Insights From the Google Leak — Whiteboard FridayIn this Whiteboard Friday, Tom touches on four particular insights gleaned from the recent Google documentation leak, in particular about clickstream, siteAuthority, Branded search, Demotions information.AnalysisTom Capper
Google Documents Leaked & SEOs Are Making Some Wild AssumptionsPatrick warns about interpreting the Google leaks doc based on your own experiences and bias, and goes through a few he has found so far.AnalysisPatrick Stox
Leveraging Google’s Content Warehouse API for Structured Annotation, Semantic Analysis and Feature TaggingJeff goes through how you could use Google’s Content Warehouse API leak to build a product that performs advanced semantic analysis, entity extraction, and relationship mapping.AnalysisJeff Coyle
Leaked Google Search Algorithm Ranking Factors DatabaseA user-friendly, searchable database of the Google leaked doc featured potential signals. Each entry includes a brief description of the factor, its potential meaning, an estimated weight for each factor, focus area and how to interpret it in the context of search rankings, along with an estimated weight in the algorithm.WebsiteMahendra Choudhary and Swapnil Pate
2596.orgA website providing a searchable interface and AI-powered overviews for each of the leaked Google’s Search API doc modules to help you dive deep into the specifics of the leak.WebsiteMatt Hodson
Google Ranking Signals Searchable ListA searchable table including the Google Search API doc variables.ListDixon Jones
Local SEO Ranking Factors From The Leaked Google API DocumentsA list of the Local SEO related information found in the Google Search API Document.ListAndrew Shotland
Google’s Ranking Features Modules RelationsA visualization of Google Ranking Features Module Relationships.ToolNatzir Turrado
Google Leak Reporting ToolA tool that provides an AI-generated synthesis of the leaked documentation.ToolWordlift
Leak Bot: Ask me anything about the Google leakA GPT that allows you to easily obtain information from the Google leaked
Rand Fishkin interview on the importance and learnings from the Google Search LeakRand Fishkin interview on the details and importance of the Google Search API leak: How it provides SEO practitioners with menu of possible experiments to explore, The role of Chrome as a source for click through data and what it means for link builders, and much more.InterviewNear Media
Google’s Algorithm Leak Exposed: Live Insights from Rand Fishkin & Mike KingJoin this free exclusive discussion with Rand Fishkin and Mike King as they reveal insights into Google’s search document leak.InterviewJoy Hawkins / LocalU
This aggregation has been created by Aleyda Solis and it has been last updated on June 3rd, 2024. If you want your Google Search API Doc analysis or resource to be included here, just send it to me over here. Finally, if you want to keep updated about the latest in the Google leak, updates and more search updates, subscribe to SEOFOMO, my free weekly SEO news newsletter, follow me on X or LinkedIn.
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